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Best Mobile App Design & Development Services To Help Your Business Thrive Online

In the modern technological era, smartphones have completely revolutionised the way we go about our daily chores. Businesses have taken advantage of this technological advancement to easily increase the customer base and as a result take their business to greater heights.

Do you have a mobile app for your business yet? If the answer is no, you are letting go of many opportunities to make a mark in the market. At 3 Rare Dynamics, we possess a team of highly-skilled and experienced app developers as well as designers specialising in cross-platform mobile app design and development. Based on your specific business objectives and goals, we can design and develop a user-friendly and highly functional app to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

3 Rare Dynamics: We Design & Develop Mobile Apps that Suffice Your Business Needs

With a vast wealth of experience in mobile apps design and development service, we are well-versed with the different requirements of small, medium, and large scale businesses. Our team of professionals are highly-efficient and adopt a logical, systematic, and customer centric approach during service delivery. We provide tailored and user-friendly solutions to help your business flourish and stay ahead of the competition. At 3 Rare Dynamics, we assess your business objectives and then help determine the perfect technology that will suit all your business needs.

As one of the best mobile app design and development service company, we keep customer satisfaction as our utmost priority. Our team of experts are focussed on delivering top-notch service quality in the most professional way. Once you hire us for app design and development, we carry out a thorough research on your business, its objective, its operations, and goals to correctly map the requirements of your prospective customer base. Understanding the preferences and requirements of the end user helps us to design and build apps that will help you to increase lead generation and online sales. You can get the choice of cross-platform, hybrid, or native mobile apps that will effortlessly  connect with your existing solutions.

We Recommend the Right Platform that Suits Your Business

At 3 Rare Dynamics, we have years of experience which helps us to provide cost-effective, customised, and hassle-free app design and development solutions to various businesses across all industries. We not only develop tailored app as per your needs, but also deliver a user-friendly and glitch-free experience for your internal workforce and customers. Our designers and developers are super creative and ultra-innovative when it comes to app designing and development.

We design and develop custom mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Our team of experts evaluate and analyse your business objectives before recommending the best platform that suits your business. Once you hire us you can be assured to get a secure, sustainable, and scalable solution for your mobile app design and development needs.

iOS App Design and Development

At 3 Rare Dynamics, our team of highly experienced iOS app developers and UX designers can develop distinctive apps for iOS platform which will help your brand to make a mark in the market. We are well equipped to develop and design iOS apps for businesses of all sizes. Our apps will function seamlessly on any iOS platform without any hitch. We will also help you to choose the most efficient and best suited architectural pattern for your app.

With a vast wealth of experience in successfully designing and developing apps for the iOS platform, we have continuously updated our working pattern keeping pace with the technological progress. Our experienced developers use XCODE IDE which comes with a code editor as well as a GUI which makes code development seamless and yields the best results. Additionally, we also use different programming tools like XCode 7 and Interface Builder along with the latest technologies such as Swift, CoreGraphics, C, SQLite database, ES, Cocoa Touch Development, API, and OpenGL. With us, you can be assured that our team is well-equipped to deliver the best iOS app design and development services that can easily solve business problems and also deliver a top-quality experience to the end users.

Android App Design and Development

With rich experience in the mobile app development industry, our team is capable of turning your business ideas into a feature rich and user-friendly mobile app. At 3 Rare Dynamics, we offer a full-cycle Android app design and development service - starting from app strategy and concept design to regular maintenance as well as app updates. We provide our clients with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs, preferences, and budget so that you can take your business to the next level.

There are two ways in which an Android App can be written which are: the Native Android app and the Hybrid Android app.

The Native Android App is developed using development languages and tools that only this platform supports. In one word these apps are platform-specific. Native apps looks good as well as deliver optimal performance. These apps are developed using scripting languages like Android Studio, Google Material, and Java.

Hybrid apps are also known as ‘Write Once and Run Anywhere’. These apps are developed with the help of advanced and high-end web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5.

Our experts will first assess and analyse your business structure and goals before recommending you the best suited mode that will suffice your specific needs.

Reasons to Hire Us for Top-Notch Mobile App Design and Development Services

At 3 Rare Dynamics, our team of trained mobile app designers and developers has years of experience in successfully delivering customised mobile apps to the clients. We focus on delivering up-to-date and impeccably integrated apps with unmatched features and high functionality that is tailored as per the client’s business objectives. Our team are adept in helping you to reach a huge prospective customer base with an user-friendly and attractive mobile app. Here are some of the features that make us one of the best in the market:

  • Industry Expertise: Our years of delivering mobile apps design and development services to our clients has helped us to gain huge experience. We use this experience to deliver the best possible service to our clients.
  • Technology: As a leading mobile apps design and development service provider, we have access to all the updated software and trends that will help us to deliver the best to our clients.
  • Design: Our highly-skilled designers can provide you with visually appealing mobile apps that will attract customers. We are well aware that the design of an app is fundamental to end-user experience and our team is fully focussed on delivering the same.
  • Agile Methodology: We keep our design and development methodologies agile. Our team has the ability to make last minute changes as per the requirements of the customers.
  • Hassle-Free Service Experience: At 3 Rare Dynamics, we aim to provide a stress free service experience to our clients. You just need to schedule an appointment with our team and our experts will assist you accordingly.
  • Regular Quality Testing: We undertake periodical testing of our applications for bugs even when we have delivered the app to you. This helps us to establish a long term relation with our clients.

In case you have queries regarding our services, feel free to contact our team any time, and our experts will be more than happy to help you.